Engineered for Ocular Innovation

Our hydrogel technology is a versatile platform employed to create sustained-release therapies that may expand treatment options across multiple areas.

The hydrogel delivery technology enables the use of drugs that are known to be safe and efficacious when formulated as drops or injections by creating sustained release dosage forms.

Key Attributes of the Hydrogel Platform

Sustained Release Drug Delivery

The hydrogel is currently being used in research and development to encapsulate a wide range of pharmaceuticals with the goal of delivering sustained therapeutic levels of drug to targeted tissues throughout the body.

Applications of the Hydrogel Technology

Ocular’s intracanalicular inserts can be placed through the punctum for ocular surface or anterior segment therapies. The hydrogel can also be engineered as implants that can be injected intracamerally for anterior segment therapies or intravitreally for posterior segment therapies.